Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Reconfiguring my brain

To avoid too much panic over schooling the kids and life/house management, I am trying to learn how to be completely content and focused at home with the massive crowd known as the Horners. This is a trick really as neither do I want to neglect any kids social endeavors but am hoping they will take care of that more and learn to communicate. The First Things First principle takes up much of the day. In between weird things like the bills and feeding faces and laundry, I might want to pay attention to kids and do those other weird things like teach short people even to count or know how to put their dirty clothes in the laundry. Argh. Keeping my stress level at bay is interesting. Again.....I shouldn't even be online but since I am packaging book orders.....I get distracted from First Things. Will I ever learn the art of not giving a hoot if I talk to other humanoids with any great regularity? I am getting better at it. Pool trips and an occasional phone call from a friend, I suppose keeps things in balance. My *friend* Charley and I have been working on regular daily bike rides together in hopes that I might conquer some chub and also give me time away. Are you confused yet? Very random post.....

Heard a funny observation from a friend while talking about guarding ourselves from too much outside the family interaction and the possibility of even trying to be more of a loner. She was reading about Thoreau and Walden's Pond and discovered that his (I think) mother and sister came out to get his laundry and bring him stuff regularly. Ha! So much for living in solitude. Even Thoreau couldn't hack the loner life!

So....keeping my head above water and forging ahead as best as I can. This sounds pretty normal I bet......

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