Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I do find it humorous that the post on why I am crazy seems to be the most popular on this blog. I'm glad everyone wants to feel better about their own craziness. :o) I keep thinking routine might happen here and there seems to be something different going on every day which prevents routine from happening. Today I was out watering the garden and weeding and then mowed some lawn before it got too hot, came in for a nice icy cold shower and noticed that my queen bees had arrived! They have to hop in the hive pretty quick so had the lovely pleasure of getting suited up and going back into the hotter heat to open them all up and check things out. I was pleased to see the one hive had a queen from a queen cell I found and the other two were not too much of a bother to re queen. Despite the heat, it is always fun to sweat out in the buzz of activity. I should have taken the camera but forgot as usual. Perhaps next time.

Matthew is taking a lifeguard class this week and is doing better on the tests than the school teachers who are in the class with him. Yay Matthew! He is really looking forward to this week being over with. On his plate - getting ready for the Organist workshop, practicing for his regular piano lessons, finishing his Eagle Rank requirements, studying for the PSAT (cracking a grammar book and actually studying it thoroughly might help.....), Boy Scout camp coming up soon, and then wanting to just simply enjoy the summer.

Erik has bunches of stuff to get done this summer too. Sigh. They are here there and everywhere lately and each week is different. I dream of doing the same sort of thing every day and it just doesn't happen too consistently. Erik has been helping out tremendously around here and we have sort of a secret partnership. Maybe he can learn how to sort the laundry after all???? Sort of doubt that.

Time to hit the hay. Rain hopefully will happen this evening and cool things off for tomorrow. My van thermometer read 100 degrees when I pulled out of church this evening at 8:00. Ouch.... Perhaps Anna wants a visitor???? Wishful thinking.

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