Monday, June 6, 2011

Yuck - goodbyes

Anna is off to California for the summer. Sigh. She leaves tomorrow afternoon. It was nice to have her here for a few weeks and now I am in denial that I probably won't see her till mid-August. The telephone is just not the same. I have no doubt she will have an awesome time there and be adopted by various people. I know it will be a good experience for her too. Sigh. No doubt it will be a good experience for me too. Do I *have* to have good experiences????


  1. sigh. hugs.
    Maybe you and I could go on a really long bike ride together, since we both appreciate the many benefits of exercise.

  2. I am looking forward to doing that sometime soon but.....I also have too many seeds left to get in the ground so will have to keep digging in the dirt to get that done. Sigh. I also have SOOO many things to get done today my head is spinning and too much of it is running the road with tired, whiny short people.