Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Plugging along

Anna's Ben assures me that two and a half months will fly by. She will be home for about a week and then....gone again. I'm not convinced that I will ever get used to this and I know lots go most of the time without seeing their eldest children for most of the year. I am just a rookie at this and as a friend told me, she is my twin 24 years removed. I miss my twin. I received a few good suggestions as to how to survive and communicate with her. Anna and I also have some mutual goals for our summers so will have to keep each other in check on that. After all, what are twins for if not to know what the other is thinking and look forward to similar things.

I have no doubt Pastor Cwirla and Congregation will take good care of her. Sigh. I will attempt to focus on the home front and the peeps here.

Dear Anna.....

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