Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Just goes to show

My dear wittle daughter was put to bed early last night and no one checked to see if she had eaten anything. I was too dense at midnight to two something to consider that she might be hungry. After kicking me for several hours, Charley took the poor orphan back to bed. Around four thirty Stefan appeared soaked to the gills and freezing. After a bath, warm jammies and a clean bed, and a banana, he went back to bed. Charley thought it was six something at that point. Making it through a sleep deprived day is always interesting. It took me till noon to figure out that a lack of sleep might be wearing on me. Where is the computer program and alert system????? We are supposed to go out for dinner this evening so will have to do everything possible to stuff the children up with lots of yummy food, get a nap and perhaps find the duct tape for my mouth for the trip to our little outing. Yikes. Can I farm some of this out???? Back to the chillins.

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