Monday, June 27, 2011

My yard and I

We have lived on our ten acres for nearly twenty years and I am now obsessed with eradicating the poison ivy and unsightly brush. It might be impossible. Besides my children and husband, my yard has become my best friend I think. If I am not doing family stuff, I am out in the garden or yard mowing, weeding and fighting the good fight against the poison ivy and other nasty stuff. The place has the potential to look fantastic. When I walk around I see more and more possible little projects. Charley put a gate and rock wall at the entrance years ago. I seem to recall a little Martin helping his daddy with that project. Well, every year it gets overrun by weeds. This year I ripped it all out and planted drought resistant plants down there and now.....I am eying the possibility of mulching it to keep the dratted weeds down. Mulch and round up are my friends. They don't require too much interaction either! But.....I do enjoy the process. I might be married to energizer bunny for a good energizer bunny needs company of another....

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