Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What my kids and I talk about

So.....today I took Erik and Matthew to the consignment store and bought them some new duds. They will be disgustingly well dressed and the envy of all I am sure. This is the kind of fun I have with my young men. I am sure it gives the consignment guy a thrill too as the boys are so enthusiastic about finding suit jackets and dress pants and cool dress shoes etc. Evan slept through this event on my shoulder.

We went and grabbed a sandwich and chatted afterward. The subject of the day was 'what mom will talk to us about someday when we have kids.' I pointed out to them that there probably wouldn't be tons of time to chat as *I* still would have kids. They were laughing as I told them how I would be sure to quiz them and need full reports on where their toddlers have accidents, how much laundry they had done that day, whether their lawn needed mowed, if the kids were picky eaters and if anyone had thrown up lately. This is ALL very important information....well.....I have not a clue what in the world I will talk to them about really. Matthew was calculating approximately how old Stefan would be when he got married and of course I asked him who she was.

Both Erik and Matthew juggled Evan while taking turns eating and were the admiration of all the ladies there. Matthew even held Evan AND refilled his soda. Impressive! Never when Erik and Matthew were short people did I imagine having these funny talks with them. Fun. I look forward to many more conversations to come. They are great kids!

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