Saturday, July 2, 2011

Shutting up is hard to do

There is that part of Evening Prayer (I think) which says something about guarding the doors of our lips. Oh yes. SOOOO hard. No wonder we need to pray that often. Keeping to myself and learning habits of shutting up may sound ideal but are frankly the bane of my existence. Challenging. I am somewhat a think outlouder but I see where that does not serve me or mine the best all the time. I have nothing ill to say but sharing personal stuff in a haphazard way does not serve me or my family well either!!!! Is it the internet which gives us some compulsion to let it all hang out??? Sometimes I am asked things about Charley's job and such and I am caught off guard as I haven't even been thinking about it so.....have to figure out what to say on the spot I guess. That is just an example of where shut up is the better plan. I don't HAVE to fill everyone in on our life and there are ways to answer questions without offending too....I think....

My husband also is such a man. Men at times do not get women. Lol! Poor guy. Had hilarious musings about what in the world Solomon did with all those women in the same household who could all be misunderstood at once. Poor, poor Solomon. Poor, poor Charley. So sad. What a bad day dad had. It probably would be simpler for him to just knock me over the head when I am feeling confused. Then everyone else would be confused but it most likely would be more effective communication and put him out of his misery faster. Hmmmm......

So....learning to not let myself and mine hang on my sleeve as if I owe anyone outside of my family something is a hard skill to learn. My first Pastor in my married life was probably too good at this privacy thing and I often wondered why but.....I can see benefits to both ways of living. So confused. I better go weed some more and contemplate how much nicer the garden is looking with my new found weed addiction.

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