Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Passive agressive behavior

Makes me nuts. Once upon a time there was this lovely family who was capable of doing massive quantities of basic household slave labor. It is the way with all small children and large children and those in between to wait eagerly for their dear mother to leave so they can......go back to bed and read. So the mother and all the little kiddos stuff, toys, laundry, socks, cute little underwear, food flotsam, dirt from outside......just gets worse. What is a mother of passive aggressive children to do???? I could buy them ice cream and take them to the pool so the sweaty, tired mommy gets what SHE wants and suffers no expense of her needs at the hands of children who might make her eyes cross quite frequently. (was that a sentence???). I could put on some rock and roll or raucous classical music and put them to task under my evil supervision (most likely will happen later). I could call a friend and go to lunch.....can't do that.....maybe coffee in the morning..... I could book a flight to California and hope for the best. Hmmmm......

My little self wants to accomplish.....weeded beautiful garden with yummy veges, school stuff organized and ready to go, read lots of books, find the house, get rid of fifty percent more of the stuff around here......cook lots of yummy healthy food, practice my horn, snuggle with smallest humanoids and gaze into their eyes, go to the beach and take a long walk, the list goes on......can't do it all.

Sleep. Perhaps I will start there.....

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  1. Yep. Describes my life precisely.