Wednesday, July 20, 2011


When will I learn to go to bed earlier and not read, or talk with the daughter on the phone, or talk to the rest of the my kids late at night??? I know that sleep will not necessarily happen with zee bebe who unpredictably gets up, the geriatric dog who might need something, the asthma child who might need something, my own sometimes inability to sleep, and then......I regret not getting more sleep. With nothing on my plate this morning I was hoping for the chance to sleep in but then I forget all the rest of the possible interruptions. 4:30am dear little one gets up. Is it teeth again? Asthma child was mad last night so I could not get him to take his allergy meds after he stomped off and fell deeply asleep....non-restful breathing from upstairs.

Well, they are all up once again now. I am contemplating my next move. Hmmmm.....twelve hours till perhaps I behave myself and go to bed!!!?????

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