Monday, July 25, 2011

VBS is not a sacrament

Inspired by someone on facebook who stated VBS is not a sacrament. My silly friend and I claimed the acronym and changed it's meaning.....Variety Beer Sampling. All this from laughing at our past lives as Sunday School Suckers....I mean Superintendents. Ugh. Hate that job. We decided to make this event come to life with a VBS part at my house with the theme of Gilligan's Island, dress as your favorite character. VBS takes on a much more relaxing tone when it stands for Variety Beer Sampling. Adults were asked to bring a variety of beer which either they had never tried or one which might be their favorite to share. In the case of Gilligan's Island I thought we could probably have martinis with little umbrellas in honor of the Howells but no one was that organized and I was too tired. The kids had a blast watching Gilligan's Island, the adults had fun doing what adults might do at this variety of VBS (far more fun than the other variety), and we skipped worrying about the tikki (? spelling?) lanterns as it was too hot and miserable outside to leave the comfort of the TV room.

Only Lutherans could have this variety of VBS. I am so happy to be Lutheran and enjoying God's good gifts. You should try VBS at your church or the home of a parishioner too tired to care what happens at a party hosted by people who don't live at their house.... (grammar nazis may help with that sentence or lack of sentence if you wish.....too tired to care).

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