Thursday, July 14, 2011

Missing my slaves

Aka children. Three are at Higher Things this week, which is always very awesome for them, and one if spending her summer away. This week reminds me of the good ol' days when no one was quite old enough to watch the baby, the lawn was a foot high, the dishes were always behind, the floors were disgusting, the laundry piled high. Or.....was it? I don't really remember but my older kids are very helpful and things usually appear more put together than now. I am practicing my "I can't worry too much about this" mode. husband has been gone all week too so that just adds to the paralyzing atmosphere. He usually puts most of the short people to bed. He is also good for baby holding and calling the escape artists back to the kitchen to clean up the chaos in there.

When everyone returns they won't know what hit them. I will seriously not care if they don't do anything but watch the little ickle Evans and keep him out of harms way, if I can only move around a bit and attack the needs. Exhausted husband returns this evening and kids tomorrow night. Anna doesn't return till mid August, if only just for a few weeks or less.

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