Monday, July 11, 2011

My kids dressing the baby

I spend a lot of time weeding out (there is the weeding word again) the clothes which are too small for Evan. Somehow they get back in the laundry and back in his drawer. He has plenty of clothes but when I send my young men to get the little feller dressed, they reappear with clothes which are WAY too small and squished on his body. They pause and look at me, "So Mom, is this outfit okay?" as my eyes glaze over. I do get perplexed they can't see the onesie stretched over his body and him looking nice and content in spite of it all. I will try to reweed the drawer again and quickly remove it.

These clothes also end up drawer, Charley's drawer and everyone else's drawer. Big kids stuff in little kids drawers and then the best thing is.....the kids put these clothes on and don't notice?????!!!!! But Mom! That shirt WAS Martins! Um.....yes, three or four years ago!

Laundry sorting turns into a scavenger hunt. Gotta love it. So ends another post on my exciting life.


  1. Sounds like our life! Lots of flood pants at church. Ugh.

  2. Okay, I'm laughing, but because sometimes I feel this way with my husband....

  3. Um.....yes, that husband lives here too. In his case he can never find further comment.