Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Weeding addiction continues

I should post pictures of the result. The kids actually made great headway on the vegetable garden this morning. It is looking pretty good. Now I am trying to tackle the mulching so we don't have to weed quite so often. Buckets of sweat pour off and of course now I have a headache. I still want to get back outside and weed some more. Sweat equals a certain degree of mind weeding too. Helps. There is much on the brain with most of it good so....keep weeding.

We try to chill out at the pool almost every afternoon to cool off a bit. I could just live in the pool. Seeing all the young girls in their bikinis almost makes me want to find one to go.....weed in. Don't drive by. I haven't done nearly enough sit ups.......oops.....perhaps I shouldn't do that.

Daughter dear is back from Aspen or rather back in California. She has had a great summer. Perhaps I am getting used to talking to her on the phone. Sigh. No doubt I need to get pretty used to that.

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