Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Easter Shoes

Ha ha of the day. We were scrambling around trying to find everyone a pair of shoes to wear to church this evening and Benjamin couldn't find his shoes....thus the scrambling. I told him to just go in his socks. He looks up at me and asks, "Can I wear my Easter shoes???" ????? Easter shoes??? Then I remembered that I had gotten a pair of light weight summer shoes to wear to church. Argh. Easter shoes??!!!! The boy had not worn them since Easter Sunday as he thought they were just for wearing on Easter. My children are so literal. I am sure I must have said I bought him some new shoes to wear on Easter. How do I learn to speak in a way which will not be taken in Amelia Bedelia style??? Benjamin has two pairs of shoes to chose from...if he can find them.

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