Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Gave in to the laundry

That FlyLady person is always going on and on about how our bedrooms are our sanctuary. I bought into that mantra till yesterday. My living room is MY sanctuary and it has never seemed to stay clean laundry free. So....I decided to set up a laundry sorting station in our bedroom and finally be free of the mess in the living room which everyone sees and trips over the stuff anyway. It is far easier for me to contain that stuff in the bedroom anyway. So, the locals might get it in their head that I have becomes organized and am finally on top of the laundry, but in reality I am hoping to not be ON TOP of the laundry.

I had the boys set up my grandma's dining room table in my room. I am also on the hunt for a very small tv to set up on the table so I can go hide in there and watch my favorite movies while sorting. It also occurred to me that since it is a dining room table, I could even hide in there for a quiet, undisturbed meal. Well, undisturbed meal might be a stretch but still, there is that option.

We have an old home. It appears large but.....there are a lot of people bouncing around in here. My bedroom will be a sanctuary of a different sort.......I'm okay with that. I also am happy to give the illusion that all the laundry is done and put away. Yes.


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