Friday, July 8, 2011

Just don't start weeding the woods

Fighting the good fight against poison ivy, daylilies and that wild rose stuff. Evan and Ingrid went to bed pretty early this evening and the rest of the family went to the Boy Scout closing campfire. Being completely alone with Round Up in hand I covered as much of our ten acres as possible. Poison Ivy be gone. It actually was not as bad as I thought it would be but there are a few spots which the kids love which were thick with poison ivy. I probably have not walked up that hill in ten years. Wow. Who would of thunk that ten acres was not traveled all the time. There is a well laid path which the kids have kept clear. I spent time thinking about lots of things. One was of when I would take Anna and Erik in the woods with me. Now they take younger kids into the woods with them. I think I better revisit this little jaunt with my kids.

Feeling rather mellow and frankly sad. Can not elaborate at the moment but being outside in the woods alone can allow for the peace and quiet to think about lots and lots of things. Friends I love and miss. Friends who hurt and I wish I could remove their hurt. I went to coffee with friends last night and we talked about quite a bit of hurt. The irony of much of our hurt and how we handled that. Sigh. Weeding and Round Up time is pretty reflective and not just satisfying in the end result. At any rate both weeding and Round Up have resulted in productive thinking and sometimes not so productive.

So ends another day on the Horner Ranch. I am thankful that one day there will be an end to these sorrows, and right now I am hanging onto the joys I do have in this life. Little Stefan and Ingrid clamoring around me at the pool and fighting over me too. That is not always pleasant but at the same time their little sweet arms and legs bring me deep sighs. Sometimes the reality of their little selves just goes deep and at times, time stands still and I just deeply enjoy watching them play and interact etc. That part of my day was very, very good. Sigh.

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