Thursday, June 9, 2011

Gardening buddy

Stefan loves to help me in the garden. Never has a child been so excited to go hoe the potatoes. My head was a little afraid of getting whacked but we got into a safe rhythm and he whacked away at the weeds I missed. I purposely left some for him but of course he didn't know that. He kept me clipping along as I was afeared for my life.

Later he followed me around as I sprayed every nasty weed and poison ivy out of the fences. I noticed that the poison ivy is less in most places but now I want to conquer the woods as much as possible. Killing the ivy which has crept into the woods to is high on the list so perhaps the stuff that is supposed to grow there might have a chance to make it. My dream is get orchids growing someday in the woods but right now there is much to be routed out of there first!

I am using our old potato bins, which are all broken up, to grow.....potatoes in! I am putting them in and around the back patio. These are the weird varieties I bought from my favorite vege catalogue. Stefan followed me around while I went and got dirt from the big garden and mixed it with compost. He talks NON-STOP the whole time. He can not wait for tomorrow's adventures and told me so before he went to bed this evening. He always has been my little buddy since he was born and I hope he never loses this cuteness. Of course it will have to be a more mature cuteness as time goes on. Sweet!

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