Thursday, June 23, 2011


In dog world there is a command to "settle" which means something like, chill out barking, jumping, doggie, and take a rest. This whole 'shutting up' issue, which sorry this might sound a bit harsh, is a lot like settling. There is so much to get worked up about but we don't have to! My buddy Cheryl on her blog is following this train of thought a bit too.

Perhaps I am just getting old(er) or repenting of folly because it is easier to understand when your kids start getting older, but I just see more and more how distractions in life just detract from life. Being the daughter of a Sociologist, I think I have always been fascinated by cultures and what effects decisions etc. American moms, especially those who stay at home, in my humble opinion can be pulled away from their first vocations as wifelings, and mommies by this silly thing I am writing on to begin with - computers! Being important. Is it that important to be important to people that far away from our God given families? Sometimes perhaps but....most of the day??? Before computers it was the TV and before the TV it was probably the phone, and before the phone it was....the fence in the backyard, get the point. Well, all of these pull us away from the very first thing! Our families! All of these things are putting our brains/thoughts on stuff which doesn't matter THAT much to how we manage to get dinner on the table or plan for an evening with our spouses squished together on the couch after a long day on the job. Staring into our kids eyes does not jump first and foremost to our thoughts if.....we worry about whether we can use our snark, wit, brainy thoughts to fuss into other people's posts and forums. Forums. Addicting. Yay for whatever year of Lent brought an end to my squirreling that time of my life away. Why did I ever think it was THAT important to begin with????? Argh.

Yep. Sin. We are all well familiar with that. Settling is FAR more comforting and comfortable to live with. Cheryl observed how she feels much more at peace with her family etc and they sense it too since she has become more unplugged from such distractions. Sigh. Thankful for Christ's love and forgiveness through all of those temptations and distractions. It becomes easier and easier to just not care so much about all that the more I ignore zee computer and ignore if anyone gives a hoot what I think or don't think. (do you see an irony in this post???) to dream about fun, grime in my house, the dog who needs a bath, the fact that I am too tired to worry about what the rest of the world is worrying about. Settle Karin, settle.

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  1. Well, to be honest, I am still pretty plugged in. I need to unplug some more. I unplugged from one forum because I was taking it too seriously (more seriously than others were) and needing it too much and that need ended up hurting me. But I still spend a lot of time playing and learning and conversing on the computer and I do think it is too much. I hope I can unplug even more. The last few days something came up that made me spend way too much time plugged in and I am going to rectify that today. It is hard for us stay-at-home moms, I think. We seek adult interactions but you are right, we need to not let those take the place of what should be our first things. And yes, I do see the irony of these sorts of posts! ;-)

    If you have time, here is an article my husband found. Kind of long, but very much on the topic of what you are talking about.