Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lawn mowing isn't just practical for me

Having revealed on facebook I mowed the lawn today, there are some things in my life which are little places (five acres) of solitude, meditation and prayer. I am NOT just mowing the lawn. It really does help me get away and process stuff, pray about various things, and sing some hymns etc. in my head. I need this alone time to connect dots and not be distracted by the latest catastrophe. I don't even have to go far from home to do it. I have been doing this for probably.....sixteen or so years??? I think that is right. Some time before Matthew was born we bought our walk behind, 54 inch deck mower. I it and it is MINE! No my husband and sons are NOT allowed to mow the lawn! I might get a little testy if they try. It is my alone time, exercise and practically speaking keeps the place looking half way decent if I am able to keep up with the rate of grass growing. I have also called it my post pregnancy weight loss system. I might volunteer to mow our new neighbors acreage as their mower is not going to cut the mustard or the grass. I would ask for gas money.... The other practical purpose is to keep the poison ivy in check. is everywhere. I'm trying my best to conquer as much of it as possible. Enough about lawn mowing...time to hit the hay! (grass???)(making hay while the sun shines?)(Sawing logs while the sun DON'T shine).

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  1. I love to mow too - everyone says "why isn't your husband doing that?" but I really mostly like it - I don't have 5 acres though, I might feel different about that.

    Found your blog from Concordian Sisters, enjoying it.