Thursday, May 19, 2011


I'm dreaming of putting together a fairy garden with my little people. Sounds like fun. My children like me and fight over who can sit by me. We could plant little miniature plants and make little houses and things out of sticks. How about little people made out of......???? I'll get back to you on this. Pictures forth coming.

I'm dreaming of sunshine. kids and I have too much fun together. I like my kids. I think I am a kid. I never grew up. We like to have fun together. I dream of dressing up like a Brit and playing croquet in the yard together while sipping tea in the garden (read that in a pretentious way). We can then stroll through the garden (read in a pretentious way) and talk annoying weeds are and whether we will be able to get the herb garden under control.

Interesting life I lead. Highlights are biking to doctor appointments, biking to friends homes, reading to kidlets, buying vacuum cleaner bags after looking at three stores, contemplating buying swimsuits for the kids which will allow them to swim even if it is freezing out.....lots of stuff like this. I might get the annuals in the garden today plus perhaps the seed potatoes (Martin cooked some of them for dinner the other night), a feeding tube with eleven hook ups to plug into my family so I can just flip a switch and get smiling faces with less preparation and clean up.

Fairy gardens.....I think I will move in. I wonder if Charley will mind sleeping between miniature hostas and irises????

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