Friday, May 13, 2011

Today's rambling thoughts

(Not all of them.....) So I am still digging away in the gardens and making steady progress. I see this as school and destressing for the little children. They are happy as long as they can haul plants, water them, dig, talk about plants, talk about bugs, talk about worms etc. I found a great potato planting idea for old bushel baskets. You plant the potato in the bottom of the basket and add dirt through the summer. Easy harvesting. I love to be home in my back yard. The weeds will take over in some areas if I don't keep chasing them. I am also digging up invasive plants and getting rid of them. I hate day lilies!!!!!! They are everywhere. I will keep digging and digging.....and digging.

Asparagus. I need to go check for more yummy asparagus. It occurred to me while pitching wood in the firewood bin that I can take all wood chips that are piled up there and use them as mulch. More asparagus food on the menu. I hope to expand and improve that area too.

Art. I want to yank out the sketch books here soon and sit them all down for some good ol' fashion sketching. They can identify and label them just like that woman who wrote that incredible book which I can not possibly do everything she says. Mary Pride???? Can't remember her name. Mary Pride might be that curriculum review person but I don't read any of that stuff anymore as it just makes me paranoid I am not doing something right.

Tired. Up till after one last night. Did mange to sleep till six thirty. I still think everyone who has this sleeping problem should party together. If the moon is out I should go weed or read outside. I still need to set up my tent......

I have other Karin happenings I am pursuing quietly. Not telling. A few know. A VERY few. I love inspirational thoughts.

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