Monday, May 23, 2011

Invasive species

Matthew and I have declared war on day lilies, ragosa (sp) roses, and garlic mustard in the yard. The lilies are HORRIBLE!!!!!!!! Do NOT plant day lilies if you can at all avoid it. When they are offered for free there is a reason...... The same is true for any sort of ivy. Don't do it unless you want to be whacking this stuff out the rest of your life. Trumpet vine can also drive you out of your mind. It looks tempting to plant with all the glorious pictures in magazines but they don't tell you it takes four or five years at least before they flower. In the meantime they spread all over your garden. Lily of the romantic.......will take over your life if not contained.

These are the main headaches of MY gardening life. I feel like a vacuum with a shovel and slowly we are cleaning up. Just beware what you do!!!!!!!! I keep thinking of more and more plants I wish I never planted!!! Back to bed.....

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  1. I hear you on the ivy. The previous owners had a big patch of it and we have to hack it back a couple of times a year. The worst was the bamboo. They planted bamboo. It makes a beautiful barrier, it was taking over everywhere. Every day I had to cut off the new stalks. Cost a fortune and serious back labor to get rid of it.