Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I do NOT feel like doing anything this day. Perhaps that comes from spending most of yesterday hunting down bee supplies, figuring out all the problems with the bees, organizing my thoughts on what to with the problems.....neglecting my children while doing all of this.....then not wanting to face the day today. Hmmm......


Eat something.

Get children to eat something so they will stop being cranky.

Ride herd on school work.

Ride herd on garden.

Argh....another list. We did manage to find the front hallway, vacuum and lament that we are out of vacuum cleaner bags. NEVER resolve to stop spending money. Everything will break or need something all at once. This mom knows what she needs to do but just doesn't feel like it.

So for this family to get anything done this day I think I need to tie down the short people or tie them to the sandbox so they will play and allow for productive time for the older children who want to accomplish something. Lesson never learned...if I expend myself too much on one day the next day is a wash.

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