Friday, May 27, 2011


I am on a painting frenzy the next few days. I probably already mentioned that. I have my colors picked out and am almost done painting the kitchen. I am very pleased with the results and look forward to putting everything away again. Most likely I will feel more like keeping it cleaner.

The gardens are calling me so I picked up a stock pile of mosquito repellent today. I had two appointments to go to today plus one piano lesson. That did not leave much time to get much done around here. A friend helped with painting prep so it was easy to attack the walls once the kids were in bed. I think I need to fashion some sort of back splash for the kitchen sink to keep that looking nice. My stomach has been aggravating me so perhaps some chicken noodle soup will be in order for tomorrow. Since I only have two bigger kids home it is very difficult for me to figure out cooking smaller and we are still trying to eat up the food that was left from earlier in the week. Hmmmm....I suppose I could donate some of it to some friends. It is yummy and still good but there is only so many times I am excited about having salad again.

Perhaps I will get the whole garden mostly planted tomorrow. We shall see. Hopefully the sun will actually shine too. Now time to attempt the sleep thing.

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