Sunday, May 15, 2011

Biking and Walking

In the last month or so I have had the opportunity to do a lot of walking and now biking in town. (@_@) Anyway....walking where you need to go or even biking is really not all that bad or difficult. I have driven down all the roads I walked down and let me tell you I look at those roads with new eyes now. Today I arranged a walk with my 'sis' Cindy and decided to bike to her house from my house. This is eight to ten miles round trip to bike there. I forgot to check the odometer... Then we walked for about four miles. I see everything I have driven by up close and personal.

With the price of gas, I think this is going to be happening more and more. It seems to me that biking and walking is very possible for everyone frankly. The paths are there and the roads etc. I will pay for my extra equipment pretty quickly this way when you figure it would have taken about fourish dollars to drive to the Berrymans and back anyway. I had time to myself to just think and exercising, even though it was rain gear biking time, it was also good for me.

Anyway.....this is what this mommy hopes to continue doing. I have grocery panniers now too. I could probably even put a few gallons of milk in there. High gas prices put a whole new perspective on a reason to exercise......


  1. We are thinking alike. I bought pannier bags last week, and took my bike to Albrights yesterday for a rack to hang it on.
    The other day I biked to Southfield to pray and sing with Lucille, then stopped at the Center Township Library. Easy biking, but it felt good to leave the car in the driveway!

  2. Awesome! My random goal was to arrive on bikes with the whole family for church but we would have to find a way to lock them all up. Cement them to the cornerstone?????