Monday, May 30, 2011

Clean up and removal

Besides painting I am trying to remove every piece of unnecessary furniture and *stuff* which is squirreled away in the furniture. How many bottles of shampoo can one family need even if it is OUR family. Huge bottles of shampoo, bottles of some sort of perfume spray for stinky us, and enough cleaner to clean a monster house for years. Gone!

I am almost done with third room in painting project blitz since last Thursday. Seriously the less human contact I have the better as tired Karin is not a very nice Karin. Me not have good filters when me tired of working non-stop. Can Karin paint two more areas AND plant the vegetable garden by Wednesday afternoon????

Right now I am watching Gilligan's Island with Ingrid, Erik and Evan. WHERE did Ginger get all these dresses???? Three hour tour??? Season one she only had one dress.


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