Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Garden continued

Stumbled through more garden work this afternoon. Matthew and Cecilia had a piano competition thingie this morning so to "celebrate" their success we went for a light lunch and spent our time plotting our next plan of attack around the house for progress.

I am almost done cleaning the front of the house weeds, leaves, horrid English Ivy and Creeping stupid Myrtle from around the porch. Now to finally get some annuals in and the few perennials we got from the nursery in. Yesterday I mowed the asparagus patch down (yes, I picked it all first) to rid it of all the nasty weeds from last year I didn't get cleaned up. Erik is tilling the garden so I can start planting corn and such.

Now to go lounge in the hammock with the cuddle bug. Yawn......

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