Thursday, January 6, 2011


After a fun filled day of noise yesterday and my utter weariness of the air needing to be filled with it, slow learning me realized that winter is much louder than summer in this household. I have the talkingest children and husband. I think they all have a fear of quiet or something as the air is always full of talk. I personally have always been a person who needs some quiet every so often so ha ha God on the nine kids and husband with the high decibel voice. All the crazy noise tends to make me crazy. I think the literal rubber room (not the glass room at the back of the church for the moms and toddlers) was invented so the poor person in it would just have quiet. light of this realization, I have several declarations to make to my dear family. Asking them to tone it down is useless. There is however a massive pile of wood to be split by loud boys in the afternoons, books coming out of our ears to be quietly read in their rooms, small children who enjoy being read to which can fill some older child's time and then of course there is their own school work. Get busy!

I also would like to challenge them to simply read more in general this year and perhaps publish their lists on this blog as motivation. Perhaps I could broaden the challenge to learning to cook (and not burn ourselves) and listing the recipes they have tried in their section of the blog. Martin, Cecilia and Matthew all enjoy cooking so we shall see how this goes.

Last I need to return to making daily lists for them just to keep them BUSY! I personally am WORN down by all the noise so they can help prevent me from needing to visit my doctor!!!!!!!!!! Good grief. It is not a requirement for them all to be in my face or each others faces. That is one of the best pieces of advice I ever received.

Onward! List making time!


  1. Totally Off Topic...I didn't realize that you live in SB. You're 1 hour from us!! My inlaws live in the same town you do. Isn't it a small world? Karen

  2. Yep. I had a vague idea of where you live. We should get together some time. We have acreage your dear children would love to romp on and there is church a lot here so you would be welcome to plop in for a visit.