Monday, January 3, 2011

Sometimes it is easier this way

The Evan is five and a half months old now and I feel a little bit like I am returning to the life of the living. Chores. What parent does not wage battle with their kids to get the chores done around the house? It becomes a headache to everyone especially with ten bodies on the average flopping around here. The eleventh one comes home generally to catch up on sleep and I let her.

Now that moving around for me is becoming a bit more easy, I am trying to keep up with the kitchen and laundry myself and if I get offers of help to put away dishes etc then that is a bonus. I am sort of weary of the kids fighting over who is doing what in the kitchen when they are doing the clean up so frankly it is easier this way and much more peaceful. They do a lot throughout their day anyway in the line of helping out so I don't think I am contributing to their being lazy. The counters have been much cleaner now as things like canning jars leave and the ingredients get put away and the counter tops look a lot less like a test to see if we can get poisoned by the crud left behind. Such little things make a difference.

I don't think I am obsessing or making a resolution but chasing after this stuff is improving life here. I still have to 'rest' to keep up after my nursing efforts with Evan. It is all a trick to be sure. The bottom line is figuring out what is more helpful; being disgusted with the kids for standing around being goof balls while dishes and crud are all over, or......having a clean kitchen and peace and quiet to boot. Hmmmmm.....decisions, decisions........

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