Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Getting rid of more stuff

I am going through my homeschooling curriculum and getting rid of everything that has never been touched. Gone is the day that I might use it later. It hasn't happened so it aint going to happen. We are sticking to Sonlight Curriculum and even that I am even getting rid of some that as the Bible stuff isn't used. We have our own Bible stuff from church and that is more than good enough. I have been listing books on Amazon and average a sale or two a week. I am also listing a friends books and she is doing pretty well so far herself. We bartered an exchange from her stash. Selling this stuff is worth the effort as it is money just sitting there on the shelf and if someone else wants to make use of it they can and get it far cheaper.

I just sent Anna and Erik to hunt for things we don't use anymore. They are enthusiastic (I think). I wish I were a minimalist sooner. This house is ridiculous. If the books and things don't sell for quite some time then I guess I know their next destination. Less is certainly more.

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