Saturday, January 22, 2011


Cold and snowy winters do have their perks around here. Charley and Erik have taken on tackling some more house renovation. The kitchen is on round two for this family in about 19 years. The cabinets are fine but the walls are going to be painted this time and we are contemplating stainless steel counters and back splash. I still need to read a bunch of reviews on this to decide. The floor I am still looking into as well as it could use some freshening up. I am hoping to get this all done by summer.

The other area which has been quite the headache for years, is our stairway. It is OLD, has been painted in the past so it chips under Horner wear, and the walls are cracked everywhere and they look 150 years old. Charley is plastering over top of the wall and the height is daunting. He did manage to take a tumble off the scaffolding he put together. I think he is going to rethink the scaffolding.

I do know that I would never wish such an old place on anyone who has children. Every single thing has had to be restored or replaced. Some day we might be done with it or have to start over or........let the next generation take on the challenge. We love our house but it has been tempting for me at least to just start over completely. We don't have the money for that though.

Ramble, ramble. I am still busy selling off books and organizing that process. I made huge progress today so am very happy. I bought my first truly frivolous thing ever yesterday........a Nook. Horrors. We are calling it the new puppy. I can not get it to register here so am taking a quick trip out to B&N to rectify that problem. Of course I got the service plan for this puppy as I have children who are talented and children who doubt my ability to keep the coffee away from it.

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