Monday, January 31, 2011

Saturday visit

Anna and the organist/vocal department hauled down to St. Meinrad's for a second concert. It was awesome weather (warm and sunshine) and the concert itself was great again. Anna took Evan and introduced him to everyone including one of her professors. Very cute. We walked all over the grounds at the Abbey. The monks there have it made in the shade. Nice cafeteria, retreat center, hotel like quarters, beautiful buildings straight out of Europe, a horse shoe set up and tennis courts. Sweet! :o) Matthew built a snow monk in view of the Cathedral and many smaller little monks.

We discovered one of the only places to buy quick food in Southern Indiana......Wendy's. I discovered a fast food I can stomach.......chicken wraps at 1.59 a wrap and it actually has chicken in it and tastes good. I accidentally forgot to buy Matthew lunch on the way to St. Meinrad's as we were worried we were lost and I forgot to place his order. He is most tolerant of my absentmindedness and ate Cecilia's leftover sandwich from the day before.

Back to reality and hoping my little people survived my absence.

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