Monday, January 24, 2011


I am still on brain overload of the stuff we have in this house. I keep reevaluating whether I want to keep certain books and curriculum. I think I collected books like I collect yarn. There are not enough days in my life or my kids life to get to all this curriculum. There are books that the whole family did not enjoy so they have been put on the block to sell so as not to waste time or shelf space in the future. There is curriculum I learned what I could from and now do not need as I learned what I needed from it. There are books I bought out of some sort of imagined peer pressure that some day I might read it and know more about.......Qumran???? Really. Seriously. I think when I have spare time I might want to use my free time more productively (visualize Karin studying up on Qumran? Oh yeah) and leave that info to the experts and people who have spare time. (Sold it already btw). I still am sitting on the fence on some music cds but I have plenty to keep myself busy with until I go back to that area to contemplate their usefulness. Slow and steady, slow and steady. My flinging of books has sort of been interesting and like a game of sorts too so it is entertaining. Think of it as the stock market of books. Disciplining myself not to spend the day selling books etc. and focusing on my main vocation might be challenging but so far so good on that too. Running Homeschool Curriculum fairs did teach me a little bit about how obsessions can eat you alive. Hope the people who attended got a lot out of those conventions. Blogging can be obsessive too.......


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  1. I've been purging books and possessions as well. It's taken a long time to realize that I don't have to use all the curriculum we purchased or was given to us. There are still a few plastic tubs in the basement that I need to go through, and all the children's clothing. But, it's wonderful to know that the completing this process is do-able.