Tuesday, January 11, 2011

In sympathy to the dads

Some moms might go postal on this one but I was thinking about how the dads do struggle with the whole parenting thing/tolerating the activity thing, especially if they do not work at home. Most dads leave for most of the day to that work/vocation thing and then after having their brains screwed into that, come home to the kidlets and the wife who might not be noticing the change of noise level like the dear husbands do.

From my perspective I hear the noise most of the day. That I suppose is why a day away from the kids at home is so glorious as it is SO unusual for the mom. But the dad has a different sort of noise during the day. I am not really sure how to make the dad's homecoming any quieter but I suppose I will spend some time pondering this as I think it is a shock to his system. I know that when the kids get wildly loud around here it can certainly make me cranky so.........well, I am open to suggestions of what helps keep the din down in others homes or is this just a dream with eight kidlets around here. Noise, noise, noise, noise, noise. How to keep the cranky at bay........


  1. If I'm thinking correctly, The Total Woman encourages exactly that- a quiet house when the husband comes home. Quiet, clean, calm, and smelling of dinner. I believe she recommends that the wife take some time in the afternoon to rest so that she can be refreshed when her husband comes home- recharged to be able to serve him. Nice in theory, I agree. But sometimes impossible...

  2. Hmmmm.....perhaps I should suggest to him to come in the other door when he comes home???? It is a thought. I am mentally trying to keep a hold of the thought that it is not a requirement for the kids to be in each others faces all the time either.