Friday, January 28, 2011

Visiting daughter dear

I had a perfect day visiting Anna today. We didn't manage to get down here till 12:40, about ten minutes late, but all and all every moment was great. It is certainly an awesome thing to take her six month old little brother along to see her plus two other siblings.

We ate lunch together with Ben upon our arrival. Ben is a great young man and we had a very pleasant visit in my estimation. We all knew how to speak 'large family' language and had fun laughing about the ins and outs of this life. I also enjoyed chatting about music related things with him as I pretty much gave up that love and only get to enjoy music here and there was nice to talk to a musician about things I love. I am looking forward to getting a chance to visit with him again on Sunday.

This afternoon Anna, Matthew, Cecilia, Evan and I just hung out between our hotel room and her dorm room. A rather large sale occurred today on my sellers account so we probably disturbed the neighbors at the hotel with our high fives. We had just told the receptionist what party animals we were too. Lol! I guess I will have to eat my hat.

Anna left her dorm room before us for a rehearsal and we stayed and watched Wallace and Grommit in her room till the concert. I fell asleep with Evan. We trudged across campus then and found the right building and everything on our own. Impressive. The concert was great. Anna is beautiful and amazing with her ability to stand and sing for two hours and barely move in all that time. After the concert she took Evan around to show her friends. Evan only contributed a few times to the concert. He was otherwise pretty good.

After dropping Anna back at the dorm, we are now chillin at the hotel. Matthew is hunting free books on the Nook and I am hoping to get some good sleep. Tomorrow will be another very full day. We travel to a monastery to hear the concert again. The acoustics are supposed to pretty awesome there. I will happily sit or stand (whichever Evan prefers) to hear that beautiful singing and organ playing again.

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