Sunday, May 29, 2011


I suppose I will call my little house painting adventure an attempt to grind myself into the ground in the frenzy of reaching some pretty hefty goals. We have so far ALMOST completed the kitchen painting but I am too short to get to the area above the cabinets so am getting a tall volunteer in the morning. I repainted the trim around the doors today and they look bright and awesome. I tackled the window in the kitchen as well but did a pretty shoddy job of that. I need a smaller brush.

Yesterday I finished the walls in Cecilia's room and the boys and a friend are building her a loft to make more room in the room. Ingrid lives there too so her bed is going beneath part of the loft. Erik has invented a book shelf of sorts which will be much more efficient use of the space and the best part it will be free just like the loft. We have wood coming out the ears so we are using what we have.

Erik sanded the stairs again and somehow I need to muster the energy to wash them again so I can paint them tomorrow. I guess it will be later in the day as I want to get the attic/bathroom upstairs painted with the help of my painting friend.

Our yard is a disaster so perhaps I will get some of that mown too. I started mowing the lawn this afternoon and heard a weird noise.....tornado siren. So we all spent an hour in the basement and the lawn is still a foot high or higher. The vegetable garden is not planted but I did plan where everything is going. LOTS of work to be done in my Karin retreat. Lots of dreams and my two oldest sons rocking and rolling with me for progress. The rest of the family comes home Wednesday so will keep pressing on in the meantime.

Cooking the boys steak and baked potatoes tomorrow to keep our spirits up and salmon and asparagus on Tuesday. Yum. Food.....must eat yummy food to keep this up.

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