Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Birthday adventures

Every birthday seems to get simpler as years go by. We just go with the flow and simply spend time together. We have managed a trip to Chicago to pick up Anna's boyfriend, took him to IKEA to educate him in the way of Anna and my idea of a fun time. Ate salmon. Yum.

Today I remembered I had a few gift certificates for Tippecanoe place that needed used so.....I called Charley at work to see if he could make it with us. Anna, Ben, Charley and I had a nice meal of....salmon...and the guys had prime rib. We also had a rich desert and now my stomach is perhaps revolting.

We are having ice cream and wine later. No cake this year. We are on rich food overload now and my tummy is on revolt.

Well....this was yesterday's post. Today, I think we are staying home. It is gorgeous out. Time to get more flowers and veges in the ground. Time for Martin the French Toast maker to get us all going. Yum.

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