Saturday, September 10, 2011

I could get used to this

Charley took my bike and got it overhauled this morning. I am nice and out of shape again but Matthew and I struck out biking to the Farmer's Market anyway. It was very nice to meander there and do one of my favorite things which is just simply observing what people are doing along the way. It is fun to me to just see ordinary life happening, the toddler with his dad riding his big wheel, the crazy things out for sale at garage sales, people cleaning up their yards, older kids playing basketball at the is all interesting to me. Fall is definitely in the air and the flower beds and trees are looking tired. I wonder if I can keep up the biking like I did a few years ago. Hopefully I can get in better shape so it doesn't take so long. Biking with the kids also helps heighten their awareness of stupid shenanigans of drivers on the road. Not a very cheery part of the bike ride but I was able to talk to Matthew about what to watch for etc in cars on the road and how to think ahead and assume they won't see you. Taking a kid along will probably help ease my mind more when they ride off to their various activities alone and.....maybe someone else can manage to get their drivers license!!!!

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