Friday, September 9, 2011

Bumpy start

I had dreams of starting school this past week or even before but between asthma kids, asthma me, and then a nasty bug we spent our first weeks shuttling kids and me back and forth to the doctor. I am now sadly better acquainted with asthma treatment and management.....sadly as I wish they didn't have to go through it. I suppose I passed that curse along to them. When the flu bug hit, they were sacked with bronchitis and one even has pneumonia. You know things are stressful when the mom doesn't give a hoot about her blog, facebook, talking to anyone besides the doctor and the pharmacist and the family. Today, since I am a slow learner, I finally threw in the towel to movie land. A trip to the library in between pharmacy drop off and pick up brought home fresh entertainment and now the whole family, including my "sixty-five year old son" are watching some movie about owls. My attention span for movies stinks so I have no idea what it is about. This weekend and next week I am clearing the slate to stay home as much as possible and read books to the kids and take a peek at our math books......or watch movies. Perhaps I will find some U.S. History movies or something to give the allusion of studying? My new pet peeve btw is history movies fascination with the Donner family tragedy. Sort the main thing which happened in the history of the U.S., sad - true, but.....why the dwelling upon this? I never heard of this tragedy when I grew up or I missed it since it didn't take up a half hour of the filmstrips we watched in grade school. It seems a morbid fascination of the Donner's tragic demise. Tired of sensationalism of other people's suffering. There is a lot more to history than sensationalizing small windows. Or.....perhaps this a new tactic to get the attention of young people to be interested in history???? Yeah. That is probably it. Hoping for sanity in the days to come.......


  1. I think the fascination with Donner-Party type stories is because it offends our sensibilities and goes contrary to cultural mores. It flows from an anti-Christian mindset as well as contributing to weakening religion. It doesn't seem so bad to "cannibalize" our children through abortion when we can take comfort in not being the only ones: "See, the wretched things that may have happened in the past."

    I hope the meds do their work, and that you all get plenty of rest, so that you might continue healing!

  2. Makes sense Susan. Donner family picture Your explanation is helpful.