Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Next Frame

My basic visualization exercise for the kids this fall is to imagine they are living in a comic strip. If the comic strip is about getting ready for dinner they can see in their mind the first frame.....table covered with school stuff.....next frame.......table in theory with nothing on it and ready to accept plate and silverware customers........food on plates and bunches of people eating it and making a mess.......what.....is.....the next frame? Pause. Choices. Table still full of plates and food and crumbs and spills and no people anywhere to be seen or....pause.....visualize a different option???? The kids love to hear me give them these different possibilities. I love to give them too as it prevents the urge to scream at them for escaping.


  1. Do you draw the pictures, too?

  2. Not yet. What I do is describe the frame then take a dramatic pause and appear thoughtful, look heavenward seeing the picture while they observe my thoughtfulness, rubbing my chin etc. and then......upon looking thoroughly in a state of understanding of the first frame begin describing the next frame. They love the drama.