Monday, August 15, 2011

Bubble life

Face palm morning as I overwhelm myself with how many everyday things my children don't know about. The scene this morning: Dear nameless son brings me a gallon of milk and asks me to smell it and see if it is still good. Mom question number one......"did you check the date on the jug?". Confused look on son's face.


"Do you know HOW to check the date on the jug?" I inquire.

"" reads numbers outloud...."0,8,22,11".

"Do you know what that means?"


I explain to poor son what it means. "Do you know what month it is?"


Suppressing scream of terror and responding in shaky voice I tell him and ponder all of those duh things my kids don't know about because they live in our bubble world. Push down panic attack and try to focus on doing the next thing.....breathe.....

"Now children, the month is August and the season is....summer." sigh.

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  1. Bikermom, all I can say is you are not alone in that bubble.