Wednesday, August 10, 2011

On the other hand

Relish those like minded friends of yours. Spent the evening singing and praying with our friends with their nine kiddos (well the oldest of both families were missing). These times are awesome. I will cherish my times with them and hope not too much time passes in between. I have several friends all over the place who I don't see enough but love the friends who still love me and mine in spite of the distance. I really am not repelled by the Lutheran Conservative group but just sort of concerned we don't screw ourselves into isolation completely. My family is isolated for many reasons that are simply practical. Such is life.

So....plan some times to visit your friends who are not scared of large numbers of children. Lol. I am looking forward to many more such visits to come.


  1. I am afraid that I am becoming more isolated not because I don't enjoy being around families with less children than I but that they are in fact scared of being around us.

  2. Hmmm......good point. I think I have some thoughts on that too Amie. I is old and have wrestled through that one a bit. More to come.....