Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I've been thinking much about this lovely word. Actually I am thinking less about it and just practicing a certain increased level of privacy. It has struck me that the internet and all its many forms, can become pretty invasive into our private lives. The need to ask people in public forums about homeschooling, relationship problems, parenting topics, pregnancy (the word that used to not be uttered) issues, and then of course delivery issues, and the like, have become all too public. We set ourselves up to be sucked into the internet in the name of either NOT minding our own vocations or not seeking out the help God has provided us in our vocations from close family and friends. The world doesn't need to know our every struggle and decision making processes. We might even have less reason to be offended if we could keep a lid on our issues a bit more.

This goes the other direction too. Take pause and consider if you as a friend or relative are truly concerned about what is happening or might fall into the temptation of having a fresh juicy story to share beyond where it was meant to be carried in the name of concern. Confession and Absolution is a great practice to be in to figure this question out.

I know I am in an extreme mode of protecting myself which is sort of complicated but.....this does apply to us all in regard to taking care of our peeps and not driving ourselves crazy. Careful what you tell people.....it may come back to bite you!!! I am smiling by the way..... It may not just bite you but confuse the living daylights out of you, as the many opinions lead to a need to explain yourself, make an issue everyone's project, distract you more than necessary from your first vocations, go into a tailspin of obsessing.....you get the picture....

So...these were my privacy thoughts. I thought I would share them with you. Ha ha.

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  1. LOL but oh my yes. I turned off Facebook because so many updates made me think "Really? Does this need to be public information?"
    I still blog, yes, but do my best to think before I post.