Monday, August 1, 2011

I is SO slow!

Dear son graduated in December.....haven't had the party yet. I am consoled by my Duluthian friends that their second born has not had a party yet either. Phew. Poor boy. We have arranged for August 20th, working around his tool craze hobby and a tool meet. I wonder if 3rd born will get a party at all at this rate. I have a couple years anyway unless he gets bored with life here in High School land. We shall see. Maybe if I have some energy I could throw it then and even if it was early, I could say I did things *right* this time. Poor kids. When Evan graduates, I think I will take him to Europe instead. Emphasis on take him and not send him.

If I am happy to get the babies diaper changed today then hmmmm.....I should remember this plan for the future and maybe I should throw Erik two parties to make up for my slowness.

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