Monday, August 15, 2011

Comforting my shopping cart

After twenty years of carting babies around in shopping carts I have developed a very weird habit. When I do not have the baby with me, I catch myself comforting my groceries by pushing the shopping cart back and forth. It is....embarrassing. I was talking to Anna on the phone while at the local library book sale and noticed I was comforting my cart full of books. Ack! What must that look like to the bystander. I did start to laugh and told Anna what I had been doing. "Okay Mom", says daughter dear. Oh well, I am glad my groceries and purchases feel comfortable and non-stressed with me. This is a good thing. I am also sure I am not alone in this odd habit.


  1. Who me? :) I also have been known to jiggle in church, forgetting I no longer have a baby on my hip. oops!

  2. I still rock on my feet, sometimes sitting, and I no longer have an infant or toddler. I'm sure other people notice I'm doing it long before I do. You're not alone, Karin!