Sunday, August 14, 2011


People grow these things but I rarely hear that anyone likes them. Tonight I used my Mark Bittman vegetarian cookbook (I am not a vegetarian) and made eggplant lasagna. It is looking pretty yummy. I personally grew an Italian version of eggplant which is looking pretty awesome. I'm on the hunt for recipes so feel free to share your sources.

Okra will be the next challenge. I personally love okra but the family is less than enthused. They grow like crazy so will have to figure out something soon.

That is all the excitement down on the ranch, which as usual is full of weeding and finally enjoying the benefits of all that weeding. Yay!


  1. lol, this post made me chuckle. When I was in high school my step mom got really into gardening and one year tried eggplant. Well, her eggplant went a little nuts and before we knew what was happening we had 18 inch long eggplants taking over our entire house!!! LOL She couldn't figure out how on earth they were growing so huge or so quickly. I remember baskets and baskets on our counter and every person that stopped by got one! People stopped visiting pretty quickly ;D. We had eggplant every way you can imagine and I still to this day refuse to touch the stuff. :D Thanks for the reminder of a funny memory.

  2. Yyyeessss.....I read your comment in the middle of the night on my dumb phone and I am surprised I didn't wake the hubby up as I couldn't stop laughing. I forget that I will be giving my dear children that memory of the summer I took gardening seriously. Lol! I must take pictures of garden excess. :o)

  3. Last summer I made a pizza sauce that included eggplant--yummy. :) I also like ratatouille (the leftovers are great in all kinds of things!) and eggplant parmesan. Eggplant lasagne is on my to-try list. . .obviously, I need to learn how to garden. ;)
    By the way, my daughter was excited about the idea of a new penpal. You can contact us at agnusdei(at) :)