Friday, August 12, 2011

Large families and isolation????

Here is the thing.....if you DO have a large family, you are not EXACTLY isolated. Think about it. You DO have each other. As your kids get older, the time you have with them is incredible. You don't HAVE to have time with other people as you have your own culture in your own four walls. If you struggle with needing adult companionship, well.....they will become adults and the spouse counts too. Revel in your OWN culture. Hospitality does help for adult contact as mentioned before. Being more content in your own vocations helps too. The more I stay home and see to life here, which is pretty overwhelming at times, the less overwhelming it is. I think sometimes we parental folk can feel restless because of our American culture of having to leave the house and go do something, go out to eat, get away from our families etc when actually slowing down is good for the whole family. Love them while you have them.

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