Wednesday, September 21, 2011


If your tummy doesn't like celery than Pakchoi is an awesome alternative and is also VERY easy to grow.   I grew some this summer and just ate the last of it.  It tastes better than celery too.  It is great in soups of all kinds and in Asian recipes.    I plan to plant some more but that depends on productivity status for my day.   I can dream.  My gardening went to pot the middle of August so now it is a weed mess.    I can still find peppers, potatoes and tomatoes.  

It is later in the day and..........I didn't get to plant the pakchoi.    Typical.   Maybe tomorrow?????


  1. Okay, I've heard of Bok choy before, but not Pakchoi. Is it the same stuff, just different spellings due to transliteration? Or is it completely different??

  2. Pakchoi is very similar to Bok choy. I get my seeds and such from and they also have great recipes. It grows so easily. I think I might get it in the garden this morning and see what happens.

  3. Pakchoi. I stand a little bit corrected. :o) I guess I grew Bok choi which was a breeze to grow but takes a bit longer. Pakchoi is used in a similar way but grows more like a green than a cabbage looking thing.