Sunday, September 11, 2011


A month of illness and other such insanity in a family of nine...........there is stuff everywhere. The laundry is worse than Mt. Washmore, dust and grime and no one even caring anymore that chaos is reigning here. Well........the mom is feeling well enough to divide and conquer. My ADD-ness makes it confusing as to where to turn first but I will probably use the old rule of thumb of conquering the grimiest area first. Illness that flattens everyone is what every mother of many dreads. It is what all mothers dread no matter how many. I WILL not mow the lawn today even though that is my favorite clean up job. freaking out.......crank the music and get er' done!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe I will not die if someone pulls up the driveway tomorrow and rush out to talk to them there and keep them OUT! Maybe......

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